currently, obsessed with coconut curry — or anything that’s thick and warm and spicy, really.  made a pasta sauce yesterday with tomato sauce from a jar, sauteed some chicken breast and sausage with onions and garlic and red pepper flakes, and poured the jar of tomato sauce over it — had it with linguine first, but then decided it might be better over rice with a square of mozzarella cheese melted into it, and, well, i was right.

currently, writing a novel, and it feels like quilting at the moment because i’m typing up passages on evernote (oh, evernote; i love evernote), and, later, i’ll be stitching them together to create one cohesive manuscript.  trying to start with chapter one, though, with the stitching together part, and the “official” drafts are on word — and, you know, the most fun part about this novel thing is that i can bring back chapter titles.  i always loved chapter titles.  the more fanciful, the better.

currently, waiting for nell to announce something, anything, relating to their upcoming album release.  we know they’ve been recording, and we know this one’s an album, and we know there will be a full-length version of “coin seller” on it, but that’s about it.  i want more.  part of me says i need more, in the way that we “need” more of good things that comfort us and encourage us and support us, even in the most abstract ways.  i started typing up a post about nell and why they mean so much to me — maybe i’ll post it one day, maybe i won’t.

currently, debating between sleeping because i’ve class at 9 in the morning (which is a terrible thing because, regardless of how much sleep i get, i’m absolutely worthless before 11 am) and staying up to write (or, to be more accurate, to rewrite this damn story for the third time in the hopes that the third time’s the charm) — leaning more toward the latter because, for one, i’d love to get this story out of me in a form where i can edit it instead of rewrite it and, for another, then i can indulge in some peanut butter now instead of waiting for morning … instant gratification, y’all.

currently, craving samgyupsahl (which is normal and to be expected) and somaek (which is strange because i’m rarely one to want to drink).  i kind of blame the sudden influx of korean dramas i’ve been watching (ploughed through white christmas a few weeks ago then through answer me 1997 after that and watched the latter end of gaksital and have been dabbling in arang and the magistrate and nice guy and vampire prosecutor, and, you know, there may have been more, but i don’t recall) + all the talk of alcohol nell’s been doing on music shows (and interviews) + the fact that things korean are hard to come by here.  and probably also because it’s been a long time since i’ve been drinking … had a beer when the parents were here, but that hardly counts.

currently, hoping that the superhero bud’s plans to visit don’t get derailed because i will be quite upset if they are.  been looking forward to this for ages and have had our first week planned out for ages as well, so don’t fuck us over, please, or i shall be inconsolable.