Of all our [Nell’s] songs, I think this song [“섬”] is unique because it’s one I wrote about the happiest moment [in my life].  It was a very warm moment, and I was very happy.  I went to an island with a friend I liked — the person I was dating then — and we were staying at a very old inn.  It was really shabby and very small, but, in that moment, she asked me, “What are you thinking right now?”  We hadn’t been saying anything to each other, and she suddenly asked, “What are you thinking right now?”, and, at that time, I don’t know why, but I’d been thinking that moment was so perfect.  Like I’d like if, for the first and last time in a person’s life, this moment froze, if there were no tomorrow.  This wasn’t because I was really sad or having a hard time and, in that sense, thinking, “Ah, I wish I had no tomorrow,” but, because I liked that moment so much, I didn’t want it to break and tomorrow to come — that’s what I was thinking as I wrote the song.  So the lyrics aren’t metaphorical or anything, and the question she asked, “What are you thinking right now?” are in the lyrics, as well as my thoughts of, “I’m thinking I’d like if time just froze like this” — that’s how the song came about.

- Jong-Wan on Sung Shi-Kyung’s Music Diary, 2007 October 14

(i’m such a sucker for these kinds of stories — anything behind-the-scenes, actually — but these stories in particular because i like knowing the origins of things creative.)