three things:

01.  y’all are awesome.  i just wanted you to know.

02.  in response to my post yesterday, new—star ripped, cut, and uploaded the audio to the concert!  (link here!!!)  i know things like this take a lot of time, so THANKS!

03.  the internet has its frightening, dark side, and it’s sometimes amazing how it runs away with your time, especially when you’ve got a massive list of things to do and you swear you’re bored by the internet, but i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some cool people through the internet.  and particularly through the nell fandom.  it’s been a cool ride thus far, which is probably why i haven’t quit it yet, so thanks for that, and i’m going to go get noodles now …!

just throwing this out there:

if anyone has mp3 rips of the songs from nell’s room 2013 (from the official video, not fancams), i’d greatly appreciate them.  i can keep playing the video as much as i want when i’m on my mac, but i’d love to be able to listen to the songs on the subway, especially the live version of “counting pulses,” so, if someone could help this technologically inept soul out, that’d be awesome.  thanks!

i want you so much closer than this
but we are so much better when we are not together

this song.  this song.

i want to hear this live; it would be phenomenal live.  my list of songs i want to hear nell perform is getting longer and longer … so far, it consists of “a.s.,” “hopeless valentine,” “afterglow,” “part 2,” “act 5,” “haven,” “1:03,” “counting pulses,” “beautiful strangers,” “ocean of light,” and, now, “grey zone.”  pfft, that’s almost a setlist there.

we are so much better when we are not together.

and so we come to the end of the gravity trilogy, and, frankly, i’m glad to see it go.  

brace yourselves; this is not going to be pretty.

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so, i saw this, and the first thing that came to mind was:

'all men hate the wretched; how, then, must i be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things!  yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us.  you purpose to kill me.  how dare you sport thus with life?'  (102)

'how can i move thee?  will no intreaties cause thee to turn a favourable eye upon thy creature, who implores thy goodness and compassion?  believe me, frankenstein; i was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity; but am i not alone, miserably alone?  you, my creator, abhor me; what hope can i gather from your fellow-creatures, who owe me nothing?  they spurn and hate me.  the desert mountains and dreary glaciers are my refuge.  i have wandered here many days; the caves of ice, which i only do not fear, are a dwelling to me, and the only one which man does not grudge.  these bleak skies i hail, for they are kinder to me than your fellow beings.  if the multitude of mankind knew of my existence, they would do as you do, and arm themselves for my destruction.  shall i not then hate them who abhor me?  i will keep no terms with my enemies.  i am miserable, and they shall share my wretchedness.  yet it is in your power to recompense me, and deliver them from an evil which it only remains for you to make so great, that not only you and your family, but thousands of others, shall be swallowed up in the whirlwinds of its rage.  let your compassion be moved, and do not disdain me.  listen to my tale; when you have heard that, abandon or commiserate me, as you shall judge that i deserve.  but hear me.  the guilty are allowed, by human laws, bloody as they are, to speak in their own defence before they are condemned.  listen to me, frankenstein.  you accuse me of murder, and yet you would, with a satisfied conscience, destroy your own creature.  oh, praise the eternal justice of man!  yet i ask you not to spare me:  listen to me; and then, if you can, and if you will, destroy the work of your hands.'  (103-4)

-  the creature in mary shelley’s frankenstein

because that lone figure in the image immediately made me think of the creature in frankenstein.  (the next thing i thought of was prometheus.)

also because i’m still not over “newton’s apple” and applying frankenstein to this is much more interesting because despair?  dreams?  longing for love?  hello, frankenstein?!?  no???

(it’s incredibly irritating that the second disc is all pre-released material.  they should jazz it up and at least have them all be recordings of live performances because, other than “walk out,” nell has performed every track from those two singles.)

nell’s sixth album, newton’s apple, slated for release february 27.

i have no comment about the album title because … seriously???  i was expecting it to be just plain old gravity for some reason, but … newton’s apple?  okay then.  some of the song titles include “deeper,” “insane,” and “trees.”  i lied; these are only tentative titles.

source of news is naver (or yonhap news, posted on naver), article translation (including quotes from nell) to come … tomorrow on my translation blog, so basically later today at a saner hour because it’s 4 a.m. here because no time like 4 a.m. to translate an article and what the hell kind of album title is newton’s apple.

(i really need to sleep at saner hours.  5:30 a.m. — is it even worth bothering?  luckily, i’ve nothing scheduled tomorrow — er, today.  on a different note, i’ve accumulated roughly 12,500 words in novel segments on evernote over the last two weeks, and i will be starting to stitch together my novel this week!  how horribly exciting is that?!

well.  i’m excited.  and hungry.  and, oh, going to bed now …)

(also, i tried to read gone girl yesterday.  i gave up at 50 pages, which is 25 more than i’ll usually give a book, but it failed to hook me, and i couldn’t get into either of the voices, so i read the summary on wikipedia and was really glad i hadn’t made myself read it …)


best [post-]valentine’s day gift ever.

in case you weren’t aware of how much i love snow.  and winter.  i honestly wouldn’t mind if the weather stayed like it’s been all month — a few intense snow days with sunny, warmer days in-between — because the thought of summer in a few months fills me with dread.

went a-walking around brooklyn bridge park today (though the bottom two photos are from cadman plaza park and pratt), and it was snowing pretty heavily by the time i was about to head into the subway station and mosey back home.  having trust issues with my iphone 5, though, because she keeps shutting down on me even when she’s got tons of battery left (like 70-some%), although i can boot her up again by toggling her power button after waiting a few minutes.  pain in the ass, though, especially because my iphone = my music player = my camera, and those are really the only uses i have for it.  (phone calls?  who makes those???)

yes yes, i know; i should take her in to the apple store, but i bet they’ll just tell me it’s a bad battery, aka please give us $79 to replace it when your battery worked fine until the goddamn ios 7 upgrade.

anyway, woollim’s being good and streaming nell’s christmas concert on youtube tomorrow (february 17, 10 a.m. for folks on the east coast!), so, between snow and nell, the weekend can’t be anything but swell.  (:  helps that there’s progress being made on the writing front, too.  and that my friend brought me a jar of the coconut curry simmer sauce i’m in love with and have been looking for but couldn’t find …!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

although, i don’t know what “open @ naver” means.  whatever it means, hd rips better be available because i’ve been dying for a new nell concert to watch over and over (and over) again.

favourite band, y’all.  favourite band.

currently, obsessed with coconut curry — or anything that’s thick and warm and spicy, really.  made a pasta sauce yesterday with tomato sauce from a jar, sauteed some chicken breast and sausage with onions and garlic and red pepper flakes, and poured the jar of tomato sauce over it — had it with linguine first, but then decided it might be better over rice with a square of mozzarella cheese melted into it, and, well, i was right.

currently, writing a novel, and it feels like quilting at the moment because i’m typing up passages on evernote (oh, evernote; i love evernote), and, later, i’ll be stitching them together to create one cohesive manuscript.  trying to start with chapter one, though, with the stitching together part, and the “official” drafts are on word — and, you know, the most fun part about this novel thing is that i can bring back chapter titles.  i always loved chapter titles.  the more fanciful, the better.

currently, waiting for nell to announce something, anything, relating to their upcoming album release.  we know they’ve been recording, and we know this one’s an album, and we know there will be a full-length version of “coin seller” on it, but that’s about it.  i want more.  part of me says i need more, in the way that we “need” more of good things that comfort us and encourage us and support us, even in the most abstract ways.  i started typing up a post about nell and why they mean so much to me — maybe i’ll post it one day, maybe i won’t.